Day 16 of USA in a day. That's a wrap.

It's Day 16 of USA in a day, to see days 1-15 head up to the USA in a Day Tab

Those first 15 days were pretty easy to find items in my house that were made in USA, and then I had to look a little harder...

Toiletries and medicine in our house were found to be made in USA, that was pretty easy. I did find a few toothbrushes made elsewhere so that's an area to work on purchasing USA made. 

I found good ole' Pyrex still made in USA!

I took a look in the kitchen drawer where I keep foil, storage bags, napkins, wax paper bags, and parchment paper. Everything was made in USA except the parchment paper. Next time when I purchase that I'll have to look for an American brand. 

Ziploc food storage bags:

Glad food storage bags:

Reynolds Wrap:

Remember alligator Baggies? Not always easy to find in stores, but a favorite of mine:

I've had these Rubbermaid Laundry baskets for longer than I can remember. I used them for cleaning out closets, toy storage, and laundry. Rubbermaid is a brand that I like for USA made plastic containers. 

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