Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops have been soothing throats since1870, so pick up a puck and see why!

Pine Brothers softish throat drops are naturally flavored, gluten free and are only 5 calories per drop. Since 1870 Pine Brothers has been soothing throats have you tired them lately?

Pine Brothers softish throat drops are great for minor throat irritations where ever you are in the world, and are made in the USA. Take them where ever your journey leads you with these convenient refillable pucks:

Pine Brothers softish throat drops are also available in the value size to keep at home, office, or where you please.  Keep them at the ready for those times you have a scratchy throat, a tickle in your throat, dry throat, or sore throat. 

Refile the pucks with your favorite flavor choice of Wild Cherry, Natural Honey, and Licorice and look for more delicious flavors coming soon!

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