There's a whole lot of fun in exclusive Target Justice League specially marked boxes of Cheerios.

Have you seen this box of Cheerios®  in Target stores?

Keep your eyes out for this very special box of General Mills Cheerios®  available at Target. 

What's so special about this particular box of Cheerios®? Inside this specially marked box of Cheerios® is an exclusive FREE comic book all about Justice League!

Not only is there a FREE Justice League comic book inside, there is a FREE Justice League Costume Mask on the back of the box you can cut out for the kids. Two freebies in one box of specially marked Cheerios®!!!

And, there is a valuable coupon inside the box too! Save $3.00 when you buy 1 JLA Adventures:Trapped in Time on DVD.

Did you know Cheerios® first ingredient is Whole Grain? Learn more about Cheerios Cereal. 

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