Do you know your zone? Hurricane Zone that is! Be Prepared for hurricane season that begins June 1, 2014. #knowyourzone.

The Ad Council and the New York City Office of Emergency Management’s Know Your Zone is offering free information and resources to help you during hurricane season. 

We live within an hour's drive of New York City which means we work, visit, or drive through the city and outskirts pretty often. I'd like to know what to do in the event of a hurricane, wouldn't you? Where would your go, what would you do? Do you have a plan? 

The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins on  June 1, 2014 and as part of Hurricane Preparedness Week May 25-31, 2014 it's time to take action to be prepared. Last year Hurricane Sandy took a toll on residents in New York City and nearby towns. Know your zone and what to do if a hurricane is headed your way!

These zones are ranked by their danger of flooding from storm surge (with Zone 1 being the most likely to flood). In the event of a hurricane or coastal storm, residents in these zones may be ordered to evacuate.

If you live, work, or visit New York city often then take advantage of the free resources available on 

Take the following steps to prepare for Hurricane Season:

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