The NEW SIMON SWIPE from Hasbro has colorful flashing lights and sounds! Are you ready to play?

A new game is in town ready for Summer fun and travel. SIMON SWIPE is the modern update on the game SIMON. The game has flashing lights, colors, cool sounds, and is based on a smooth swipe action the player makes.

The game starts easy and then speeds up with patterns and you have to move quickly to repeat. It's a challenge and the family will be interactive with all the oohs and ahhs as they play the game. 

What we like about NEW SIMON SWIPE:

  • Tap or swipe to keep in play motion. 
  • One play or a party can play.
  • Four levels of fun
  • Classic: tap the game unite to copy the light pattern
  • Levels: follow the light to move your way through 16 challenging levels of play
  • Extreme: tap and swipe to keep up with the game as it gets faster and faster
  • Party: challenge your friends to a pass and play game.
  • Family fun, game day or night fun for one or a party.
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Price: around $19.99
  • Available in mass merchandise retailers this Summer.
  • A new spin on a classic game we grew up with and can share with our kids
  • Play by yourself or with other
  • Play indoors or outdoors in nice weather
  • Fast moving
  • Colorful lights
  • Upbeat sounds
  • Excitement!
  • Easy to take along anywhere. No parts or pieces to loose.

Visit the makers of SIMON SWIPE on Twitter and follow the hasthags:
#IplayedHasbropaid #SimonSwipeChallenge.

Disclosure: I received SIMON SWIPE for this post. The comments and views are my own. 

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