Happy 100th Birthday, Morton Salt Girl, she doesn't look a day over 8!

"When it rains it pours", that saying has been popular for well over 100 years from the Morton Salt company. Another milestone is that in 2014 it's a Happy 100th Birthday to Morton Salt Girl!  
Morton Salt was established in Chicago in 1848 by Joy Morton who also founded the Morton Arboretum. His love for trees and the environment was passed down to him by his father, J. Sterling Morton, the founder of Arbor Day. 

Morton has assist in the fight to end iodine deficiency worldwide with Morton Iodized Salt, beginning in 1924.

In 1914 the Morton Salt Girl appeared on the Morton Salt package.

Morton has a new product line for health and beauty with Epsom Salt products. Use Morton Epsom Salt for body, foot, and facials.

Morton Salt is great for making salt dough, pita crisps, recipes, foods, and how about that warm salt water rinse the dentist recommends after a over due cleaning.

Look for culinary salts, water softening salts, pool salts, and deicing salts too.

Thanks to Mom Select for letting me help celebrate her birthday!

Here's a few trivia questions about salt, let see how smart you are!

Which word comes from Salt?

answer is Salary. The English language is pepper wit word related to salt. "Salary" comes from Roman times when salt was precious it was used as cash. Other words with salt origin: salad, sausage, salute, sailor, soda, salvation.

What was Christoper Columbus trying to find?

answer is Salt. He had strict order to bring home boatloads of salt.

Did you know?

in 1777 British Troops captured General Washington's stash of salt. It was a nutrient vital to the health of Americans.

Salt was sold in enormous bags and the cylinder came about so Morton's salt could be poured when weather was damp. It's been flowing freely ever since.

We need salt to live. Salt is physiologically necessary to regulate our heartbeat and body's balance of fluids. 

The Morton Salt girl we know today is from a 1968 image and she looks to be around 8 years old. 

Disclosure: I was sent materials and products for this review. The comments and views are my own. See Morton Salt web site for specific details on the products.

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