Look out for NEW Pillsbury Melts Filled Cookies, Yum for Molten Fudge Cake and S'more Sensation.

Look out, because these new Pillsbury Melts filled cookies are like a flavor fest of gooey goodness.  Better use a plate or grab a handful of napkins when enjoying them.  Pick up both varieties, Molten Fudge Cake and S'more Sensation, and get ready to wow your family. 

Just place the cookies on a cookie sheet, bake as directed and serve to your family warm and watch them reach for another cookie in no time flat!  You'll have a Molten Fudge Cake and S’more Sensation in your kitchen.

When I was at the checkout buying these, the cashier, said, oh are these cookies, I said yes, and she was like oh wow, those look so good! No kidding she said that! She left her register right after I checked out, maybe to get her own! 

Get that Ooey-gooey filling. Now in a Cookie from Pillsbury Melts filled cookies. 

The Delicious taste of the cookies are the perfect fit for after school snacking, dessert, bake sales, or to take to a neighbor for coffee.  

Just open the pack of Pillsbury Melts Filled Cookies,  place on a cookie sheet, bake as directed, ice, and taste test. Of course the cookies are as good as they look! 

Before baking:

After Baking:   

Once the cookies are baked add the Chocolate drizzle for your own creation. The cookies are so Easy to Make and easier to eat! 

Wherever you buy groceries, Find them in the refrigerated aisle where the Pillsbury brand cookies are. Pick up a few packs to keep on hand for any occasion. 

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.

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