23 BLAST gets two thumbs way up, five stars fully filled in, and aWahoo go see it this weekend!

My husband I attended the screening for 23 Blast in the Philadelphia area a few weeks ago. I would have sat through round two of the showing if the theater said roll 'em again! 

All thumbs up, All stars fully filled in, go see it this weekend!

Producer, Gary Donatelli, was there at the private screening and we had a nice conversation with him about the film. He also spoke to the audience after the film. See the clip here. The media team was also at the screening and we had a nice talk with them as well. You never know who you'll meet at movie screenings, so this was a nice surprise! 

23 Blast is one of those movies you take to bed with you, it's in your thoughts for days and days.

A great cast of actors, a school setting, family and friends.

Well,  one of the football players,Travis Freeman develops an eye infection which leads to his sight being gone. Just about overnight his sight is lost. Blind.

Shut your eyes for a few minutes. Think what it would be like to never ever open them again. How does that feel. I know, you know. but what would you do now?

Vision isn't in your eyes. It's in your soul.

Starring: Starring: Stephen Lang, Alexa Vega, Mark Hapka, Max Adler, Bram Hoover, Kim Zimmer, Becky Ann Baker, Timothy Busfield, Fred D. Thompson, and Crystal Hunt. 

I remember Timothy Busfield from Thirty Something, and Travis's mom was on a soap opera I seem to remember. The cast is so good, and yeah the football players are too.

As far as taking the family, great for teens and older. It's rated PG 13, but I'd feel comfortable taking children around ten years and older. There is nothing scary to make it PG 13 maybe just some adult situations-nothing to be embarrassed about. 

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