Are you a hyper local shopper? Money Mailer has hyper local savings for you!

Are you a hyper local saver? You can be with MONEY MAILER offers from business and services in your neck of the woods. This year marks their 35th year of working with local business and local customers. 

Hyper Local means these offers are just for your area-local to you.

Money Mailer reaches 17 Million homes and is on the move to reach even more households this year. So, get on the mailing list. Shop local, save local. 

The new and improved Money Mailer now has a glossy format and double sided full color coupons. Easy to read and use. 

What's in your mailbox? Find an envelope like this? Open it up and use those money saving offers.

Ready to be a hyper local saver?

Visit to enter your email and zip code to get offers in your area.

All the offers that are in the paper mailer are online, plus more. Print out the offers you want and save away.

Join Money Mailer email list for exclusive Money Mailer email offers in your zip code. I signed up and also get the mailer in the street mailbox. That's extra savings for our household. 

Download Money Mailer's Free App. Look for it in the APP Store. 

I share the offers in our envelope with friends and neighbors that I know frequent local Establishments we don't go to.  I also pull out the offers from our mailer and keep them in my coupon bag so when we are out I can save on dinning and shopping. I also save the house repair type coupons because you never know you might need something fixed you had not planned on.

Coupon Tips
Keep your paper coupons with your when you shop or use the mobile application.

Use coupons for things you normally purchase or want to try.
Read the expiration dates and fine print.
Share your unused coupons with friends or family that may use those products or services.
Present coupons at time of ordering or purchase so it can be deducted from your final sale.
Match up sale prices with coupons you have and shop when prices are lowest.
If stores allow match manufacture coupon with store coupon.

I am participating in this campaign as a member of  The Niche Parent Network & Conference in partnership with Money Mailer. All opinions are my own.  

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