Vanity Fair Lift Tour comes to Philadelphia area for fit and philanthropy.

Ok How's your bra feel? Comfy, Supportive, or um, not making it? Are you wearing the right bra size? I'm confident to say I am not. How would I know what size bra to buy other than a good guess shall we say. 

Fear no more, comfort is here!  Vanity Fair LiftTOUR, a nationwide bus tour with a focus on fit and philanthropy benefiting Dress for Success will be in Philadelphia the week of October 6, 2014.

So try on a bra for size with a Vanity Fair Fit Expert and take the opportunity to donated a bra to the  local DRESS FOR SUCCESS chapters. You can add a  personalized message on behalf of Vanity Fair to the local Dress for Success affiliate and receive a coupon for a specific dollar amount or percentage off a bra at the partner retailer (Kohl's, JCPenney)

Find out more here:
Look for a Kohl's store near you for the event:


As part of the empowering, new initiative, “For Women Who Do” that celebrates the many fantastic triumphs of women everywhere, the LiftTOUR will stop at 70 locations in 12 major US markets.  

At each stop, women are invited aboard for a free bra fitting with a Vanity Fair Fit Expert and the opportunity to donate a brand-new bra on behalf of Vanity Fair to the local Dress for Success affiliate.  

Since the LiftTOUR launch in Bowling Green, KY, we've fit over 3,500 women and Vanity Fair has matched that donation of bras to local Dress for Success chapters.

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