Giveaway: CRESBI crates system makes grocery shopping so much easier without using bags and bags and bags...

This awesome product is a great Christmas gift idea for anyone on your list, including yourself. What is this product I am talking about? 
It's CRESBI crate system.
Say bye to all those reusable and plastic bags for grocery shopping!

Grocery shopping to me is too much work-putting the groceries in the cart, out of the cart to scan, back in the cart with bags flopping over. Load and unload too many times. 

My first use of CRESBI crates and I said bye to the bag. 

what I like about CRESBI crate system:
  • Lightweight crate for grocery shopping with carry strap
  • Foldable
  • Stackable
  • Pop open your crates
  • place it in your cart
  • load it with UPC labels up
  • put it on the check out belt
  • let the cashier scan the items in your crate (without having to take the items out)and put the crate back in your cart
  • Load the crates into your car 
  • done! how easy is that. 
  • If your store has hand held scanners, even better for less in and out of the cart work. 
  • plus you can use these crates for any kind of shopping, storage, traveling, organizing.

The reason I think that CRESBI CRATES are so awesome is because I don't have to use store grocery bags or dirty rumpled up reusable bags anymore. The crates are easy to store in your car, ready for your next grocery store trip. A two pack of crates fits perfectly in this easy to carry tote with strap. Plus you don't have bags tipping over and groceries rolling all over the floor of the car.

 Oh, you can also run the crates through the dishwasher if you need to!

From Linda Fritz: the woman that came up with this super solution to carrying your groceries.
"I am the inventor of the CRESBI crate system and I came up with my concept of "boxes are better than bags" 2 years ago. I had started growing fresh edamame to help Kentucky school kids eat healthier several years ago.  Because the delivery boxes got soggy and I hated plastic bags, I had purchased some small plastic produce bins and came up with a way to carry more than one into the store to get my groceries";

Benefits of CRESBI CRATES:
1. offers more value - every system gets a thermal insert 

2. offers American content - the strap is designed and made in the USA and can be branded with your name on it. The bottle insert and bag are USA made.
3. offers more versatility - the strap can be attached on the ends like a basket or on top so you're hands-free
4. offers way more choices - check out my tiger, pet paws or Earth Day Every Day strap designs - plus orange, purple, sky blue and clear crates are coming in December!
5. replaces all the plastic bags in your grocery cart
6. Look for accessories for your Cresbi Crate

There is also a USA made  bottle divider for wine, beer, or other beverages,  available to use with the Cresbi Crate system:

Giveaway: One winner will be sent the Tye Dye Bag and said winner can pick  two crate colors that will go into the Tye Dye Bag with Adjustable Tye Dye Shoulder Strap. 

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Disclosure: I was sent Cresbi Crate system to review. The comments and views are my own. 

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