Review of The Good Book DVD. A silent film with a loud message of faith.

The Good Book DVD opens with Daniel lighting a candle to read from his Bible before going to bed. He lights the match and then throws it in the trash can. After his reading he goes to bed. While the family is sleeping the house catches on fire from that match.

He runs away from the house as it is burning, feeling shame. He seeks food and clothing from picnics and clothes lines. He finds a community living in the woods and resides with them for a time.

A church group brings the forest community food and Bibles. One of the Bibles is given to Daniel from one of his friends. The Bible has one verse underlined. When Daniel is reunited with his family he passes the Bible onto the man that found his family.

The man that helped Daniel find his family has a newborn of his own. The baby is not well and passes away. After time, the family adopts a baby. The father leaves the Bible on a sidewalk ledge where a homeless woman picks it up and reads the words. She finds her way to church, that leads to a parishioner helping her find a job.

Each story of the film is someone who needs healing. They find healing through the words of the Bible, the church, and people they encounter along the way. The Bible might be passed along to someone hand to hand, or found along the street, or even in a stolen purse.

Wherever the Bible travels it endures water and fire elements.
It survives for you and me.

The film is silent except for some calm background music that sets the scenes. Don't miss the end of the film for a bit of background on the creators of the film and a testimony of a man in trouble and how he found Bibles to read.

Visit their Facebook and The Good Book web site for more on the film.

Disclosure: I was sent a limited pre-release copy of The Good Book for this review. The comments and views are my own.

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