Book Giveaway: THE COLSON WAY. read about politics, religion, and loving your neighbor.

I'm not much of a follower of politics, so when I began to read the book, THE COLSON WAY, I thought I'd be skimming the pages to get through the book.
I had the impression it was going to be about Watergate. 
It's not about politics, it's about neighbors.
It's about how you and I can engage with each other in real life, not on social media, not on a key board, but with enlarging our territory.

The beginning of the book lets us find out about Chuck Colson, his meager beginnings, his hard work to gain his acceptance into two ivy league schools, his his career, and his family.

During his "climbing of the ladder" to become the right hand man for President Nixon, his family life suffers, he becomes divorced. He realizes the hardship of the  divorce has caused and how he neglected his family in spending time with them.

So now the intro is pretty much over, the reader learns Chuck Colson is sent to prison for his involvement in President Nixon's staged break in with the "plumbers" to actually set "bugs" to record office goings on.

While in prison Chuck works in the laundry room, keeps to himself, and during his prison sentence he learns the state of Virginia has disbarred him, his father passed away, and his family had legal trouble. 
God sent him to prison or maybe God called him to prison. 

He was released months before he had served his minimum time, but during that time he was developing his own path, the conversion path. Book writing began, Prison Ministry began.

My thoughts: 
I did not know of this person, Chuck Colson, nor did I know of his ministry. This book shares his conversion of a high powered man of politics to a highly regarded person of prison ministry and fellowship.  You will meet those who were his friends, work partners, and neighbors. The origin of the Angel Tree too, does your church sponsor an Angel Tree?

Why should we help a neighbor, not necessarily the person next door, but the person next to you, near you. Don't be proud and look away.
Help them in their need.

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Disclosure: I received a copy of The Colson Way. The comments and views are my own.

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