Using Wicker in Winter

When people think of wicker furniture, they often think of outdoor sets. This leads many people to consider them summer furniture. The truth is that your wicker won’t look tacky if used in indoors year round. Use these tips to incorporate wicker into your winter décor.

Bring Wicker Inside
If you have a wicker outdoor set, you will want to bring it inside before the first snowfall of the year. Most modern wicker is designed to be weather-resistant, but there is little point to leaving it outside if you aren’t going to use it. Bringing your outdoor set inside can help prolong it’s life significantly, allowing you to enjoy the set for many years to come.

Place Wicker Right
If you have chairs or a table that is part of an outdoor set, don’t be afraid to move them to your porch or living room this winter. Place a different cushion or cover on them to make them look and feel like a completely different piece. This can be a great way to get extra sitting space for the holidays without resorting to folding chairs.

Maintain Your Furniture in Winter
Even if you choose to store your outdoor set, you will need to ensure it is kept clean. Many people put their summer furniture in storage without covering it or protecting it. This allows dust and dirt to build up on the pieces. If you choose to store wicker chairs, for example, you should rearrange them and dust them every few weeks to help avoid damage. In many cases, it is easier to find a place for them inside during the winter then to store them!

Purchasing Year-Round Wicker
Some wicker designs are meant for indoors. This means they don’t sport the summer-inspired designs that most outdoor furniture does. Instead, these chairs and tables have more conservative designs that can easily be incorporated into a contemporary home. If you plan on using indoor wicker this winter, try exploring your options online. Wicker Paradise and other stores have plenty of indoor options that look sophisticated all year long.

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