Who wants a Christmas Play list? It's the ultimate of holiday music, and oh, it's FREE!!!

How awesome is this! A Spotify play list for you! FREE.  There are two offerings on this post: Adult kinda music and kid kinda music. As a parent I listen to both!
  • Listen while you work
  • Listen while you wrap
  • Listen while you clean
  • Listen while you dine
  • Listen while you party
  • Listen while you relax
  • Listen while you drive
  • Listen while you shop
Grove on  over to Spotify get your FREE playlist.
Merry Christmas.
Thanks Sony Music!

Merry Christmas Kids offers fun for all ages!
  • Sing along with the children
  • Play their favorite songs while you site see the Christmas decorations
  • Party time or Play time this play list has you covered!

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