Num Noms™ play food of scented cupcakes and ice cream are spoonfuls ofhappiness.

Num Noms™ are the cutest little spoonful of fun for kids ages 3 and up. These little gems are adorable. So much fun, so much to create, and so many scents of play food to create.

What to do? Collect them all!
Available at Toys" R" Us and stores nationwide.
Pick a num-that's the one that's soft and squishy from your set, add a noms,that's the one that's not squishy and is motorized.  The bottom two in this set are the noms

Recipe sheet and instructions included
Then put them in a cup or cone. Kids can make their own creations. There are recipes included as well as directions on how kids can create their combos. Stack them, put ice cream and cup cakes together! 

Num Noms are awesome for Valentine's Day and Easter gift giving. Totally great Birthday gift! Sweet little Num Noms are just too cute. I might just keep some on my kitchen counter they are such happy little Num and Noms. (these are toys-they smell good enough to indulge-but they are toys)

Num Noms  are scented and are available in Cupcake Num and Ice Cream Num as well as Motorized Noms. Scents are plentiful in choices like Sherry Berry, Choco Go-Go, Mary Mulberry, Minty Chip, Candle Puffs, Nilla Swirl, and over 1000 mix and match combinations. That's a lot of play time.

Children can have alone play or together play time. Num Noms are a huge gift pick on my list. Our family of relatives is growing with lots of nieces-I think I'll keep a few packs on hand.

Get your free coloring sheets for more Num Noms for rainy days or travel. There is a menu to download to keep track of their collection too.
Visit them on Facebook to keep up to date with new products. See creations on Instagram  and visit them on the web and You Tube.

Also available are:

Num Noms lip gloss in little white tubs that contain a mystery scent.The Noms/lip gloss in underneath the Num so kids can use the lip gloss and have a new Num Noms to create their cupcake or Ice cream creations.

See more Num Noms sets in this video:
This Go-Go Cafe is really sweet. I just love how fun it is. 

Disclosure: I received samples of Num Noms for this post. The comments and views are my own. 

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