There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

A tad bit of blog history: 
I wrote the first post in 2010.
I have written 1000 plus posts since then. 

My children were in high school and college at the time, so I was looking for a change up from; home room mom, errand runner, treat bag assembler, and brownie maker. 

My thought was to write about all the odds and ends that landed on our kitchen table - besides meals. Stuff like new finds, coupon deals, reviews, giveaways, local events, and such. I like to find new products in stores and share the fun. 

This blog's focus has come to the end of it's rainbow. I'll be looking in that pot of gold for a new focus here.

My blog is still here, and I'd like to focus on other topics now. What topics those are is somewhere over the rainbow.

I'll be seeing you on social media and reading your great blogs. I'm still on all my social media accounts, so I not going anywhere! 

I've learned so much about blogging, myself, my friends, my family, and of course social media.

  • I've made wonderful friends off line and on line from blogging. Truth be told-there are unfriendly bloggers in the blogosphere, just be you and move on.
  • Social media has had an epic evolution since my first post in 2010. More and more outlets give us the ability to share, review, laugh and cry at life.
  • Philly Social Media has been my go to for questions, support, sharing posts, and networking. New Jersey Network group is growing and a pretty awesome to work with. 
  • There are oodles more affiliates and network groups I belong to that are a positive influence on and for bloggers. 
  • I've attended movie screenings where once in a while the real actors were there.
  • I've attended plays, grand openings, conferences, parties, dinners, and networking events in the Philadelphia and New York City areas.
  • We have played with the newest toys on the market before they were on store shelves. 
  • We have tried products before they were for sale in stores.
  • My favorite topic is writing about a charitable cause, Alex's lemonade stand, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and others. 
  • I've written post on DIY Frugal (which is my friend Sarah's blog she's moved over to another blog of hers) for almost the same amount of time as this blog has been published.
  • I've written for The Phoenix-The Phoenxville newspaper.
  • I learned that social media should be used for good. For awareness, donations, help, charities, to help your neighbor, to be peaceful. 

Thanks for being a loyal reader, commenting, entering giveaways and sharing posts. 

It's truly been a pleasure working with you-the blogger, affiliates, marketing, publishers, manufacturers and representatives of brands.

I've found some of my favorite products, books, and places to visit through blog research and posts.

And as for that gold-there is gold in blogging, yes, like money, but the friendship is the gold I value.

Be well my blogging buddies.


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