Ellie Claire 365-Devotional Journals are for gift giving to you and yours

The past few days I've been doing Christmas shopping, in stores, not online, but waiting on line.  I've seen some empty shelves and floor space where Christmas decorations and gifts to buy have already been purchased. Are stores running out of things to sell for this Holiday season? 

I didn't have a list in hand or in my head of what I was looking for on those shopping days, but i had the thought of finding something special, maybe even something that means a great deal to me about Christmas. Maybe that something wasn't a thing, maybe it was a feeling I'd been looking for.

What better way to find calm, peace, joy, thanks, and gratitude for what blessing this life has given to us by the Lord. The three journals pictured here have strong and sturdy covers and pages. After all a journal might be something you take with you on your travels or pick up frequently in your own home. A time for reflection, a time for peace, a time for you.

The titles of the three journals pictured above are:

Peace Begins with Me 

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus  
The Earth is the Lord's and Everything in it
The journals are available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble
So, you don't have to search through the stores looking for a nice gift for someone on your list or for yourself, Ellie Claire Gifts really are quite nice journals and beautifully made.

Peace Begins with Me journal begins on January 1. It's a 365 day devotional journal. Each page has a bible verse, prayer prompts, and lined pages for you to reflect on how you can follow the words of the Bible. The Prince of Peace. Peace Begins with Me. Work on finding your own peace and pray for peace everywhere. 

The journal is a soft green color with a green elastic band and a teal colored ribbon for page marker.  There are pages for January 1 though December 31. The journal can be used for any year since the journal is not dated by year. 

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus is another 365 day devotional journal. The cover is soft watercolor like flowers and greenery. A blue elastic band and a white ribbon will lead you to your last entry. Each page starts with a song or hymn, Scripture reading and prayer. Use this journal to take a "slow down" in your day. Look to God with meditation and trust.

The Earth is the Lord's and Everything in It 365 devotional journal is the third of the section of the image above. Two stunning peacocks adorn the cover white buds and blooms of delicate flowers. A emerald elastic band is attached to the journal and a blue ribbon will keep your current page. One of the many wise thoughts my Grandmother shared with me, and sometimes her sharing was by me watching her was one very hot day the rain began to fall from the sky and she quietly said "Thank you, Thank you Jesus". She knew the soft rain will help her garden grow, help fill their well, and bring some cooler air to the day.  

I often say those words she once said so long ago when I feel relief from the heat with the falling rain, or the quietness of a snow fall, or the breeze of the wind. Thank the Lord for the Earth and Everything it it. 

Hop on over to Ellie Claire Gifts the home of these beautifully made journals and other gifts and share the devotion and art with someone on your gift giving list. The Journals are priced around $16 

Disclosure: I received Ellie Claire Gifts Journals for this post. The comments and views are my own. 

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