Is Dollar Tree the new Five and Dime store?

I'm a fan of Dollar Tree, for decorations that is...I bought this bunny garland and the gift bags at DT. This is a first for me-decorating my mantel with gift bags. Not quite decorations, buy I'll go with it this year.

We are moving to a new place, and I've been packing holiday decorations into totes.  So I put the bags on the mantel. But the real reason is...

We have a cat. Did I mention we have a cat. A cat that will find a way to get himself into a box, bag, or tote. In his younger days he would jump up onto the mantel. Two for one task done, decorated mantel and out of reach of the feline.

I have fond memories of the Five and Dime store in the town my grandmother lived.  My sister and I would walk to the store from her house and pick out a few things we had to have.
I bought my Grandmother this can opener on one of those shopping trips.

When she passed away and we were cleaning out her house, I claimed my gift back. It's tucked away in my dish cupboard and some day my kids will clean out my dish cupboard and find the can opener. They'll get a good laugh out of it, as I do now.

The metal guitar is held on by a magnet. I doubt my grandmother ever used it for opening cans or bottles. She put it in her dish cupboard and I saw it on every visit to her house - asking myself what was I thinking when I bought it, buy hey I was like 7 years old.

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