How are you? yes, you, How are you?
The question that is asked to you or by you over and over again in our daily travels.
If you are the one that ask the question, do you wait for an answer? Do you really care how that person is? We are in a rush you know. We don't take a extra minute to wait for the person's answer.

If someone asked you how you were, what is your normal response?
I always feel they are asking how my health is so I respond "Well".
I wouldn't want to say I was ill if I was. Ha, especially these days.

Those of you who respond to the "how are you question" are you waiting for an answer of "good" "can't complain" "could be better", you know the typical responses. So when the person gives their response, what say you? I'm gonna guess it's a nod and your reply good, good. And off you go on your way...

What in the world would you say to someone that told you they were fearful, scared, unsure, or their soul is unhappy?  Gosh, that might take a bit longer to reply to that question. Be ready!

Victoria Osteen has a new book out FEARLESS & FREE, Inspirational thought to set your attitude and actions for a great day. 


I've been enjoying reading FEARLESS AND FREE, Inspirational thoughts to set your attitude and actions for a great day. In the book there are stories of Victoria Osteen's life, bible verses, prayers, and direction on how to have a great day.

Have you had a great day? In my life I think they are few and far between. Why is that I'd ask myself. Probably because I don't know how or make the effort to have a great day. My days are pretty much the same, nice days, but not great.

I'm ready for some great days!!! A change in attitude and action too.

Look for Vitcoria Osteen's book: FEARLESS & FREE, INSPIRATIONAL THOUGHTS TO SET YOUR ATTITUDE AND ACTIONS FOR A GREAT DAY at Barnes & Noble, GoodReads, and Amazon.

Disclosure: I received a copy of  this book , The comments and views are my own.

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